Pizzo d’Evigno

Alpine landscapes overlooking the sea

Pizzo d’Evigno, 998 m, is the highest peak in the Dianese Gulf.
Point of convergence of the ridge roads that go back from Capo Berta, Colla di San Pietro and Cervo, the mountain is also called Scortegabecco or Monte Torre: it’s said that its top hosted a sighting tower.
The surrounding area is full of evidence of an ancient and continuous human presence: many “caselle” and some “neviere” are still visible and a bronze ax has also been found, dating back to the end of the Bronze Age and the early Iron Age, now preserved in the Civic Museum of Diano Marina.
Throughout the area there is a great biodiversity, witnessed by the presence of storks and birds of prey, natural habitat of bats and home to over 200 different species of orchids.

  • Pizzo d'Evigno
  • Pizzo d'Evigno
  • Pizzo d'Evigno
  • Pizzo d'Evigno
  • Pizzo d'Evigno
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Testo a cura di Marco Rosso, immagini di Corrado Agnese e Nicola Ferrarese.

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