Liguria Wow Project

Born by two noprofit associations

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Everything begins in June 2016, when the Wepesto Cultural Association asks itself “why not joining the Google Trekker Loaner program and share spherical photos of fantastic places through Google Maps and Street View?”
Google unexpectedly answers by asking for a draft of the project.
To sail along the western slopes, an expert helmsman is needed: Ponente Experience, an association of (friends and) guides, is involved.
The volunteers propose the initial mapping of about 100 km of trails and, in August 2016, the Trekker arrives in the Western Liguria.
The long journey begins, from Ventimiglia to Monte Saccarello, the highest peak in Liguria, before descending to Cervo, overlooking the sea.
The main route is enriched by tracing in the valleys and trying to make as many miles as possible: it is an opportunity not to be missed! “Caselle”, “neviere”, lime kilns, military fortifications and much more is visited and documented.
Each day is carefully prepared as a real mission, with the support of historians and experts: we plan the logistics, we carry out reconnaissances and cleanings of the trails, we walk with the Trekker, food, water and professional photo equipment.
The entire project grows in complete self-financing by the volunteers of Wepesto and Ponente Experience, under a common name: Liguria Wow.
At the beginning of 2017 the trekker returns to Google after traveling more than 200 km.
On 3 November 2017 the project is finally unveiled to the public with an official presentation in the Sala Trasparenze of Palazzo Fieschi, with the support of Regione Liguria and, in particular, the Regional Councilor for Tourism Gianni Berrino.
The volunteers have not yet stopped and continue to produce footage to enrich the website and a Facebook page.
All the images are available to those who intend to promote the territory: just ask us for permission by writing to us and citing the sources.

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