Parco del Ciapà

The natural park over Cervo

The municipal park of Ciapà, above the village of Cervo, boasts a Mediterranean scrub with many herbaceous species, like cistus, lavender, broom, lentisco, Phillirea, arbutus and myrtle.
Walking in the park during the spring period you have the opportunity to enjoy the blooming of numerous wild orchids: the pyramidal orchid with pale pink-purple corolla, the greater serapid with a reddish-brown labellum, the lutea ofride from the yellow labellum and many others.
In the park there is also a relax area under the dense foliage of the Aleppo pines, oak and carob trees, a vantage point from which you can admire the village and the sea in all their beauty.
Walking along the dirt roads between dry stone walls and the silvery foliage of the olive trees you will admire the industriousness of those who have maintained this heritage over time.

  • Matteo Ramella e la casella sopra la parco del Ciapà
  • Parco Ciapà Cervo
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