Brigasca culture lives here

The town of Verdeggia rises 1100 m in the center of the rocky amphitheater of Mount Saccarello, framed by woods and streams that give birth to the Argentina stream.Probably founded in the sixteenth century, it was partially destroyed on January 30 1805 by an avalanche, causing the death of 16 people. The demolished houses were rebuilt following the crest of the slope.This small village with a pastoral and agricultural vocation has always been part of the municipality of Triora, but its traditions and language belong to the nearby Brigasco territory.The church of Madonna del Carmelo shows a rare three-sided bell tower. Close to the church, the house museum “Cà de Vittoriu” brings back in time into the everyday life of the Verdeggia’s inhabitants.

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Testo a cura di Nicola Ferrarese, immagini di Claudio Cecchi

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