Trunette del Carpasina

Carved by water

Under the inhabited area of ​​Carpasio the waters of Carpasina create unique and scenographic environments. In fact, on its descent to the valley, the stream digs deep and characteristic gorges, called “trunette”, and originates waterfalls and spectacular pools of water.

An easy-to-follow path runs alongside the stream, allowing you to enjoy the play of surreal shapes, lights and colors that it creates, also thanks to the fact that the sun’s rays struggle to get here.

The vegetation is typical of the deep valleys of Western Liguria, where oak and chestnut trees are predominant, many of which have now been reduced to large bark skeletons. The presence of ivy is also strong, clinging to trunks, branches and rocks. The dense vegetation obstructs the view, which is why the path is recommended in the winter, when it is less luxuriant.

At various points, the path allows you to admire the waterfalls and the enchanting pools of clear water formed by Carpasina stream. You’ll finally reach the ravine dug by the stream: a gorge about a hundred meters deep and whose end you can hardly see.

  • Federico Nasi alle Trunette del Carpasina
  • Claudio Cecchi alle Trunette del Carpasina
  • Trunette del Carpasina
  • Federico Nasi alle Trunette del Carpasina
  • Trunette del Carpasina
  • Trunette del Carpasina
  • Trunette del Carpasina
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Testo a cura di Nicola Ferrarese, Melania D’Alessandro, immagini di Claudio Cecchi

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