Sotto di San Lorenzo

Where civilizations met

The Sotto di San Lorenzo is a doline, a closed depression formed due to the karst origin of the soil. It’s on the edge of the Bosco di Rezzo, along the Via Marenca. Since the dawn of time, it hosts a menhir, placed probably to delimit a boundary, and a carved boulder, suitable for magical-religious functions.
The Sotto di San Lorenzo, surrounded by rocks and dense woods, has preserved a spiritual value over the centuries, as testified by the nearby remains of the eighteenth-century chapel of San Lorenzo.
The depression has also been the annual spot of a cattle fair as well as acting as a shelter for transhumant flocks.

  • Corrado Agnese e il menhir del Sotto di San Lorenzo
  • Lungo la Via Marenca al Sotto di San Lorenzo
  • Lungo la Via Marenca al Sotto di San Lorenzo
  • Sotto di San Lorenzo
  • Scendendo nel Sotto di San Lorenzo
  • Corrado vicino al Sotto di San Lorenzo nel Bosco di Rezzo
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Testo a cura di Alessandro Giacobbe, immagini di Nicola Ferrarese.

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