Path between Verdeggia and Realdo

Connecting Genoa and the Savoy

Verdeggia and Realdo, two towns of the Brigasque culture, are connected by an ancient track. Today both are hamlets of Triora but historically were divided between Genoa and Savoy.

Cross Verdeggia and continue across a wooden bridge above the Argentina stream, still called Rio Termini here: it marked the border between the Kingdom of Sardinia and Genoa. You will immediately meet Case Colombera (1129 m), a Savoyard village that served to control the movements of the Genoese Verdeggia, promptly reporting them to Tenda, through messages carried in flight by homing piegeons.
Continue in the woods, crossing the wooden bridge over the Rio Tris and walking among large chestnut trees on the terraces originally created to grow wheat. You will reach Case Barma (or Cà de Ciappa Pè), where stands a solitary cypress planted by an inhabitant who joined the Third Italian War of Independence (1866) thinking he would never come back.
You will cross the asphalt road by the slate quarries to resume the path in the woods, cross another wooden bridge and shortly reach Realdo (990 m).
  • Sentiero Verdeggia Realdo
  • Sentiero Verdeggia Realdo
  • Sentiero Verdeggia Realdo
  • Sentiero Verdeggia Realdo
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