Il Redentore

The symbol of the high mountains for the inhabitants of Western Liguria

Located on the Saccarello, which with its 2201 meters above sea level is the highest mountain in Liguria, the statue of the Redentore (Redeemer) dominates the valleys of the province of Imperia, next to the province of Cuneo and France.
The Redentore embraces with its gaze a landscape that reaches the Ligurian Sea and which, on clear days, even enjoys the profile of Corsica.
It is surrounded by high pastures, where shepherds with herds and flocks spend the summer season. In this typically alpine context it is possible to observe a great variety of wild flora and fauna. In particular, the flowering of rhododendrons is very suggestive at the beginning of the summer season. Near the statue are the Rifugio Sanremo (mountain hut), together with the ruins of an artillery battery dating back to the Second World War.

The bronze statue of Christ the Redeemer is positioned on the top of the eastern summit of Mount Saccarello, at an altitude of 2164 m.

Overlooking the Argentina Valley and the town of Verdeggia, it is part of a series of 20 monuments built on the highest peaks of the Italian regions at the behest of Pope Leo XIII on the occasion of the Jubilee of 1900.

  • Redentore
  • Redentore
  • Federica Sibilla al Redentore
  • Federica Sibilla al Redentore
  • Federica Sibilla al Redentore
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