Ponte de Raigà a Mendatica

An unprecedented work of rural architecture

Near the meeting point between the Creuso and the Passo Cagnasso creeks there is a splendid and mighty stone bridge, called “de Raigà”. It’s part of the mule track that once connected Mendatica to the Sanctuary of the Madonna dei Colombi and Cosio d’Arroscia.
While the bridges along the mule tracks of the Upper Arroscia Valley are usually slender, this one has a massive appearance and thick arches.

  • Claudio Cecchi sul Ponte de Raigà
  • Ponte de Raigà
  • Claudio Cecchi sul Ponte de Raigà
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Testo a cura di Nicola Ferrarese, immagini di Nicola Ferrarese

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