Carnino Superiore

Carnino Superiore

Where Brigasca culture is at home With the invasion of the Saracens in Lower Piedmont, during the tenth century a part of the population found refuge in the impervious valleys on the border with Liguria and France. Thus was born the Brigasca culture, founded on pastoralism and on the cultivation of cereals and potatoes, introduced […]

Nicola Ferrarese a Diano Borello

Diano Borello

Home of one of the most important polyptychs in Liguria The medieval village of Diano Borello houses in the Church of San Michele an important polyptych by the Renaissance painter Antonio Brea, dated 1516. Testo a cura di Nicola Ferrarese, immagini di Corrado Agnese

Matteo Zinzeri a Villatalla

Madonna della Neve a Villatalla

A shrine along the ancient road The church of Madonna della Neve stands along an ancient mule track that connected Villatalla to the ridge road and the Argentina Valley. Testo a cura di Nicola Ferrarese, immagini di Nicola Ferrarese

Diga di Tenarda

Tenarda dam

The artificial lake surrounded by the woods Lake Tenarda was artificially created in 1963 to guarantee a constant water supply. The service dirt road that passes at the foot of the dam, leads to the ancient path to Buggio. Testo a cura di Nicola Ferrarese, immagini di Claudio Cecchi, Matteo Zinzeri e Nicola Ferrarese

Nicola Ferrarese a Diano Castello

Diano Castello

The ancient Castrum Diani The fortified hilltop village Castrum Diani was mentioned the first time in a document from 1123. However, man’s frequentation of the area would be much older, dating back to at least a millennium before the birth of Christ.The village stands in a strategic defensive position against the Saracen raids coming from […]

Luca Patelli a San Lazzaro Reale

San Lazzaro Reale

Born on the intersection of important communication routes San Lazzaro Reale is a small village located along the road leading to Borgomaro and its valley. Here the ancient mule track towards Lucinasco and the Via Marenca crosses the Impero torrent with a two-arch bridge dating back to the end of the 15th century and accessible […]



Fief of the Lascaris Counts of Ventimiglia Conio is a small village located on the slopes of Monte Grande and home of the famous white bean.Feud of the Lascaris of Ventimiglia in medieval times, from the castle square you can enjoy a wonderful view of the Impero valley. Fonte: Orietta Brunengo Testo a cura di […]

Corrado Agnese a Diano San Pietro

Diano San Pietro

One of the first settlements in the Dianese Gulf Diano San Pietro has very ancient origins: the parish church dedicated to the saint is said to have been built over the remains of the Roman temple of the goddess Diana. The baptistery, dating back to the 5th century, is part of the original Christian church: […]

Luca Patelli sul sentiero tra Lucinasco e San Lazzaro Reale

Mule track between Lucinasco and San Lazzaro Reale

One of the main roads of ancient Liguria The mule track that leads from Lucinasco to San Lazzaro Reale, connects the upper Via Marenca with that of the valley bottom. The path is dominated by splendid centuries-old olive groves that rise on dry stone terraces, “caselle” and other rural artifacts: monuments to stubbornness, ingenuity and […]

Santa Marta

Santa Marta

Between the Prino and Argentina valleys The Sanctuary of Santa Marta rises along the ancient mule track that connects the Prino Valley to Montalto and the Argentina Valley.As often happened, it is possible that the sanctuary was built to “exorcise” a previous place of worship: the area show various traces of the first Ligurian populations. […]

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