Molini di Carchere

The “muén du surdu”

Right below Aurigo, next to the Impero torrent, there are the remains of the small inhabited nucleus of the Molini, in the Carchere region. Here, as early as 1500, four families lived permanently and there were two water mills.
The Mulini di Carchere were also called “muén du surdu”, that translates as “mills of the deaf”, perhaps due to the damage to hearing caused by the noise of the millstones, or “Mulini d’Aurigo”, having for a long time been the only local public mills, which remained active until the forties of the last century.

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Text by Nicola Ferrarese. Source: Aurigo, Gianni de Moro, 1993, Fratelli Stalla, Albenga

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