Houses of Poilarocca

A very different lifestyle

The rural house of Poilarocca was divided into a first floor where to live, and ground floor used as a stable. One of the advantages of this arrangement was that the floor, made of wooden planks, left the heat pass trough, coming from the beasts and their fermenting manure.
As the country has been abandoned overnight, it is still possible to see shelves, utensils, cutlery, beds and furniture in homes.
In the barn it is possible to recognize the manger and, next to the entrance, the ring to tie the mule.

  • Le case di Poilarocca
  • Le case di Poilarocca
  • Le case di Poilarocca
  • Il letto in una casa a Poilarocca
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Testo e immagini a cura di Nicola Ferrarese, Corrado Agnese.

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