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Nicola Ferrarese a Diano Castello

Diano Castello

The ancient Castrum Diani The fortified hilltop village Castrum Diani was mentioned the first time in a document from 1123. However, man’s frequentation of the area would be much older, dating back to at least a millennium before the birth of Christ.The village stands in a strategic defensive position against the Saracen raids coming from […]

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Corrado Agnese alla Fonte del Melo

Fontana del Melo a Diano Castello

The medieval wellspring of the Castrum Diani The Fontana del Melo is a medieval fount in Diano Castello, placed along the ancient mule track towards Diano San Pietro.The Castrum Diani was built on a promontory that was easy to defend but almost devoid of water sources. In order to guarantee a sufficient supply of water […]

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