Early medieval village of Val Roja

The medieval village of Airole has been founded at the meeting point between the ancient mule tracks coming from the Nervia and Bevera valleys.
Its name comes from the Latin word “areola” (farmyard): the land once frequently cultivated in front of the house.
The first document that mentions “Eyrole” is the will of Guido Guerra, count of Ventimiglia, dated 954.

Fonte: Andrea Gandolfo “La Provincia di Imperia” edita da Blu Edizioni 2005

  • Airole
  • Luca Patelli ad Airole
  • Claudio Cecchi ad Airole
  • Claudio Cecchi ad Airole
  • Luca Patelli ad Airole
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Testo a cura di Nicola Ferrarese, immagini di Nicola Ferrarese, Claudio Cecchi e Luca Patelli

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