Surrounded by Brigasca sheep

In the flock of “Giuanin” Lanteri

The Occitan pastoral culture has over time selected the Brigasca sheep. The small and robust size of this breed is perfect for the rough terrain of the Ligurian Alps and its coastal terraces where it winters. Its production of milk is limited but with great quality, mostly used for the production of cheeses of millenarian tradition: the Sora, the Toma and the Brus or Brussu (fermented ricotta).
Once widespread, today it represents a rare dairy excellence.
The name of the breed originates in Briga or La Brigue, in Val Roja.
We met Giuanin Lanteri and his sheep next to the Sotto di San Lorenzo while walking with Google Trekker.

  • Giuanin Lanteri e le sue pecore brigasche al Sotto di San Lorenzo
  • Pecore Brigasche al Sotto di San Lorenzo
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Testo a cura di Alessandro Giacobbe , immagini di Nicola Ferrarese, Corrado Agnese.

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